Kitchen Cabinet Installers North Shore, Auckland NZ

Congratulations on selecting the perfect kitchen cabinets for your North Shore home. Your next step will be finding someone skilled at installing kitchen cabinets, to secure them in place.

Although you might be tempted to try to do it yourself to save money, it’s easier to get help from professional kitchen cabinet installers you can trust. And if you choose the T-Brothers for this critical job, the process becomes much more affordable than you might have imagined. 


Kitchen cabinets should ideally be installed by the people who built them. Why? Because they will have done the necessary legwork and preparation to measure your kitchen space to determine the exact size of each cabinet.

Choose the T-Brothers to manufacture and install your custom kitchen cabinets. Thanks to our many years of expertise in the industry, we’ve got the experience needed to get the work done perfectly and on time.

Here are some advantages of letting us build and install your kitchen cabinets:

•    YOU AVOID EXPENSIVE MISTAKES – Poorly made cabinets often don’t fit the space they’re meant to fill. Trying to force them into place can lead to unsightly damage or the unit not opening or close properly. If you damage your unit that means you could also end up with strange gaps, uneven counters or less space to store appliances. Why settle for less than perfect, when our work is flawless?

•    YOU WON’T DAMAGE YOUR HOME OR BELONGINGS – Cabinets fit inside your kitchen, as part of a greater whole. If they aren’t secured properly, they could cause damage to your walls and anything you’ve stored inside the cabinets.

•    YOU WON’T HAVE TO BUY TOOLS YOU’LL NEVER USE AGAIN – It’s unlikely that you’ll have the tools needed to install your cabinets just lying around the house. You might need to borrow or buy them. Will you ever use these tools again or will they join the rest of the clutter filling your garage shelves?

•    YOU WON’T GET HURT – Botched DIY jobs are one of the most common reasons homeowners end up in Emergency Rooms. Can you afford to hurt yourself, possibly seriously?

The T-Brothers are expert kitchen cabinet makers who can build and install cabinets of every shape and size quickly and efficiently. Choose the T-Brothers and save yourself unnecessary stress and expense.